- Beauty is in the eye of the beholder - 


Since I’ve selected literally thousands of QSL cards for my album, and these thousands of QSL cards are themselves just small portion of my total collection of QSL cards, it’s needless to say that sorting them all was a huge workload!


In this big process it’s therefore possible that I might have overlooked some very beautiful QSL cards for my album. Sorry about that.


The process of scanning these selected QSL cards was a very labor-intensive process too. However, it’s very interesting to see the beauty of the QSL cards in full view on the screen. A feature that was never noticed before is suddenly clearly visible. And of course there's the “trip down memory lane” you take; the memory of the QSO that’s attached to the QSL card


Anyway, like I’ve said; very interesting. I do hope you’ll have as much fun viewing them as I had collecting them.


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